Bacon & Breakfast Sausage

Chef Rocky Durham leads this 6-hour workshop on the art of making bacon and breakfast sausage at home. Explore meat and ingredient selection, curing, smoking, and the techniques behind grinding, mixing and stuffing.
Upcoming Start Dates: 02/20/2016

Cheese Making Workshop

Don’t miss this 6-hour cheese making workshop with The Old Windmill Dairy founders, Ed & Michael Lobaugh! Learn the core concepts and fine details of artisan Cheddar/cheese curds, Farm Cheese, and fresh Mozzarella. Hands-on, includes lunch.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/14/2016

Coffee Fundamentals

This one-day workshop covers all you have ever wanted to know about this tiny fruit that warms your heart. Class will include discussion around varietals, tasting, roasting, blending, and more! Discover the perfect cup for your taste! Food pairing ideas and some barista training included.
Upcoming Start Dates: 04/16/2016

Condiments Workshop

We all love to dip, spread and slather extra sauces onto some of our staple meals. Step up your culinary game and impress your guests by making your own condiments. Learn tips and techniques for creating a variety of condiments that serve as a base for even more delicious creations. Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 03/12/2016

Creative Classic Comforts

Learn to make your favorite classic comfort foods using high quality ingredients and time-tested techniques. Chef Lauren Slaff leads this hands-on class; Green Chile Mac & Cheese and Skillet Southern Fried Chicken are on the menu. Hands-on.
More sessions coming soon. Check back often.

Gluten-Free Baking Workshop

Discover the ease of baking without gluten using an array of time-tested substitutions. Chef Joelle Kapalla shares in-depth information on gluten-free grains and baking techniques in this hands-on workshop.
Upcoming Start Dates: 01/23/2016

Mother Sauces Workshop

A strong culinary foundation starts with the basics! Learn the versatility of the mother sauces: Béchamel, Velouté, Hollandaise, and Nouvelle Espagnole. Each of the mother sauces is made with a different liquid and thickening agent and leads to countless varieties of small sauces. Hands-on.
More sessions coming soon. Check back often.

NM Holiday Traditons: Tamales & Posole

Traditional New Mexican foods have been known to take center stage at holiday meals. Join Santa Fe native Chef Rocky for this fun and informative hands-on class highlighting two of these holiday favorites. Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 12/18/2015

Pie Master

Get prepped for the holiday season with this hands-on class covering tips and techniques for pie making. Learn how to achieve the perfect crust and impress your guests with a beautiful homemade pie at your holiday gatherings. Hands-on.
No upcoming class sessions as this time. Check back!

Pop-up Dinner: Chinese New Year

Ring in the Year of the Monkey with us! Chefs Rocky and Hillary prepare a delicious menu inspired by traditional foods of the Chinese Lantern Festival.
Upcoming Start Dates: 02/04/2016

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