Cheese Making Workshop

Don’t miss this 6-hour workshop with The Old Windmill Dairy founder, Ed Lobaugh! Bring all your questions about milk, from the animal to the table. Ed presents information, encourages discussion and gives interactive demonstrations on various types of cheese.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/06/2015

Chocolate 101 Workshop

Join Executive Pasty Chef Hillary Ginepra as she leads a 6-hour chocolate making workshop. Learn to create both free form and molded chocolates using 4 different methods of tempering chocolate.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/01/2015

Classical Indian Cooking

Take a culinary journey to India with Chef Paddy Rawal, of Raaga restaruant. This hands-on class features classic Indian dishes including Chickent Tikka Masala, and Palak Paneer.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/20/2015

Cuisine of Mexico

Chef Fernando Olea (of Epazote) creates sophisticated flavors using Old Mexico’s indigenous culinary traditions alongside ingredients of the new world.
No upcoming class sessions as this time. Check back!

High Elevation Baking: Cakes

Baking in Santa Fe’s high elevation environment can present its own set of challenges. Chef Hillary shares important adjustments and techniques for producing delicious cakes above sea level.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/11/2015

Knife Skills

Chef Hillary leads this hands-on practical to help you step up your culinary game! Learn how to handle, maintain, and sharpen this primary kitchen tool.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/23/2015


Mole is a generic term for a variety of beloved sauces and dishes with Mexican origins. Chef Fernando Olea (of Epazote) discusses this sauce of complex flavors and varieties; some recipes contain over thirty ingredients and up to five varieties of chiles.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/17/2015

Paella Party

Named after the large flat pans used to prepare it, Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish whose ingredients vary regionally. We’ll show you the basics so that you can make this simple, rustic meal your way at home.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/25/2015

Pickling & Canning

Learn how to preserve the bounty of local produce in this 6-hour pickling and canning workshop.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/22/2015

Pop-up Dinner: Calcutta Nights

Calcutta (now called “Kolkata”) could be considered the cultural and intellectual food capital of India, with many regional influences. Chef Shibana Singh brings a culinary feast for the senses centered on the culinary traditions of this region.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/04/2015

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