Cuisine of Mexico

Chef Fernando Olea creates sophisticated flavors using Old Mexico’s indigenous culinary traditions alongside ingredients of the new world.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/28/2015

Farmers Market to Table

Chef Lauren Slaff helps you navigate the Farmers’ market with shopping tips and creative ideas on utilizing local produce available right now in Northern New Mexico. Join Chef Lauren in the kitchen for this hands-on class and prepare a 3-course dinner centered on all things local. Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/23/2015

Knife Skills

Chef Rocky leads this hands-on practical to help you step up your culinary game! Learn how to handle, maintain, and sharpen this primary kitchen tool.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/15/2015


Mole is a generic term for a variety of beloved sauces and dishes with Mexican origins. Chef Fernando Olea (of Epazote) discusses this sauce of complex flavors and varieties; some recipes contain over thirty ingredients and up to five varieties of chiles.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/10/2015

Northern New Mexican Classics

Learn to prepare a variety of Northern New Mexico’s traditional, signature dishes with Native Santa Fean, Chef Rocky Durham. Then head out to our beautiful patio to enjoy a delicious lunch. Demonstration.
No upcoming class sessions as this time. Check back!

Paella Party

Named after the large flat pans used to prepare it, Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish whose ingredients vary regionally. We’ll show you the basics so that you can make this simple, rustic meal your way at home.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/17/2015

Pickling & Canning

Learn how to preserve the bounty of local produce in this 6-hour pickling and canning workshop.
No upcoming class sessions as this time. Check back!

Pop-up Dinner: Mark Twain Feast

Mark Twain: steamboat pilot, silver miner, author, and…gastronome. Our most beloved writer was also a lover of regional foods at a time when America’s rivers and fields overflowed with bounty. The SFCA celebrates Twain’s culinary passions with this one-night-only, harvest-time extravaganza.
Upcoming Start Dates: 10/02/2015

Santa Fe Autumn Skillets

Celebrate the Wine and Chile Festival with a new concept on traditional favorites of New Mexico. Chef Joelle Kapala demonstrates the use of Cast Iron skillets for dishes that are perfect for the cool, fall weather. Demonstration.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/25/2015

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