Artisan Bread Workshop

This 6-hour workshop is designed to give participants in-depth knowledge of the basics of bread making. Learn how to increase flavor and the unique characteristics in bread. Sponge and starters are covered.
More sessions coming soon. Check back often.

Fondant Cake Decorating Workshop

Learn the techniques needed to assemble and cover cakes smoothly with fondant and discover various cake decorating techniques.
Upcoming Start Dates: 07/30/2016

Gluten Free Bread

Learn how to become a bread maker in your gluten free home with Chef Joelle Kapala. This class will demonstrate and explain what the differences are when it comes to baking gluten free bread. Enjoy a few baked favorites, the gluten free way!
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/28/2016

History of Food Series: 10,000 Years of Tamales

Learn about the rich history of this ancient dish found in a variety of cultures around the globe. Chef Rocky Durham shares tips and tricks for making the perfect tamale. Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 07/21/2016

History of Food Series: Popcorn

Teresa Gawrys, owner of Popcorn Maven, joins us to discuss the history of corn and the discovery of popping corn. Learn a variety of ways to dress up this favorite snack producing delicious gourmet popcorn for every taste! Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/15/2016

History of Food Series:Contemporary Native Cuisine

Culinary anthropologist Chef Rocky Durham shares stories and history of ancient ingredients with origins that are traced back to right here in New Mexico! Enjoy a cooking demonstration and lunch focused on this native cuisine using modernist techniques. Demonstration.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/17/2016

In Search of Israeli Cuisine

Presented in collaboration with the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival’s screening of the film, “In Search of Israeli Cuisine.” Chef Rocky Durham demonstrates a selection of dishes from the documentary which follows the journey of Chef Michael Solomonov’s, of acclaimed restaurant, Zahav.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/31/2016

Knife Skills

A functional kitchen is only complete with a sharp set of knives and the skills to use them. Join Chef Joelle Kapala in the creation of a few New Mexican appetizers, starting at the knife block. Learn the terminology, techniques, and ability to properly use a chef’s most cherished tool. Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 07/13/2016

Pop-Up Dinner: Rio Grande Valley Cuisine

Chef Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos Farm joins us for a delightful 5-course dinner featuring the seasonal bounty of the Rio Grande Valley.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/04/2016

The Art of Fermentation

Patrick Block, from Barrio Brinery, leads a discussion on fermentation including the history, health benefits, and processes. The class will then prepare a small batch of sauerkraut to take home and ferment.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/24/2016

Turkish Cuisine

Food is an event in Turkish culture. With influences from the Ottoman Empire, Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkins, it is difficult to contain this cuisine to a short list. Turkish native, Chef Burcu Tuzen, shares her passion for cooking in this hands-on class exploring some of her favorite Turkish dishes.
Upcoming Start Dates: 09/22/2016

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