4 Season / 5 Techniques

Chef Lauren Slaff shares five culinary techniques the pros use to develop restaurant quality flavors at home: pickling, emulsified vinaigrettes, seasoning & searing proteins, basic pan sauces, and blanching/shocking.
Upcoming Start Dates: 04/29/2015

Cast Iron Creations

Not only do cast iron skillets produce hearty, flavorful dishes, they’re also inexpensive, nonstick, and practically indestructible. Chef Joelle Kapala shares her passion for Paleo-style cooking while exploring the techniques of cooking with and caring for cast iron.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/13/2015

Cheesemaking Workshop

Don’t miss this 6-hour workshop with The Old Windmill Dairy founder, Ed Lobaugh! Bring all your questions about milk, from the animal to the table. Ed presents information, encourages discussion and gives interactive demonstrations on various types of cheese.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/06/2015

Chocolate 101 Workshop

Join Executive Pasty Chef Hillary Ginepra as she leads a 6-hour chocolate making workshop. Learn to create both free form and molded chocolates using 4 different methods of tempering chocolate.
Upcoming Start Dates: 08/01/2015

Coffee Workshop: The Journey of the Bean

This one-day workshop covers all you have ever wanted to know about this tiny fruit that warms your heart. Darren Berry and Todd Spitzer (of Iconik Coffee Roasters) will discuss varietals, tasting, roasting, blending, and more! Discover the perfect cup for your taste! Food pairing ideas and some barista training included.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/18/2015

Cuisine of Mexico

Chef Fernando Olea (of Epazote) creates sophisticated flavors using Old Mexico’s indigenous culinary traditions alongside ingredients of the new world.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/20/2015

Date Night: French Crêpes

Chef Greg Menke (of The Beestro) teaches this hands-on class exploring sweet and savory crêpes, the national dish of Brittany, France. Practice technique and create a batter to take home! Hands-on.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/05/2015

Demystifying Bi-Valves (Mussels)

If you love shellfish but find the preparation to be intimidating, this class is for you! Cast your fears aside as Chef Rocky introduces the best selection, cleaning, and cooking methods of bi-valves; then prepare your own mussels.
No upcoming class sessions as this time. Check back!

High Elevation Baking: Cakes

Baking in Santa Fe’s high elevation environment can present its own set of challenges. Chef Hillary shares important adjustments and techniques for producing delicious cakes above sea level.
Upcoming Start Dates: 06/11/2015

Indian Fusion with Paddy!

Chef Paddy Rawal (of Raaga) is back in our kitchens for this hands-on class featuring vegan and gluten-free dishes. Baby Eggplant in Coconut Peanut Sauce and Vegetable Biryani are on the menu.
Upcoming Start Dates: 05/02/2015

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